It is a family tradition to do a local race called the Drumstick Dash. It has a short path of 2.5 miles and the long path of a little over 4 miles. My sister, Rachel, who actually is a runner is the one who started this tradition. 10 years ago when she was in middle school cross country, the family signed up for this event. I have never been particularly active so I have always walked the event. This year was different. I had a whole different approach to it as I know I am trying to get in shape. I turned on my Couch to 5k app (nothing like doing a real race when the whole app is designed to prepare you for a 5k, right?). The app helped me determine when to walk and when to jog. I am really glad I did turn on the app too because even though I wanted to try to jog the whole thing, my body definitely wasn’t ready for that. 

Big running events like this are always fun. I’m hoping to sign up for some 5k events. The atmosphere is so uplifting, there are people in costumes and people cheering you on. There was a huge group dressed as different Disney and Pixar characters, which of course was awesome! I asked the girl dressed as Belle for a picture. Belle is of my favorite of course as she is the book nerd of the princesses. There was also the Geiko Gecko, who was there to pass out flyers but I just wanted a picture. He was much bigger in person. 😉 

The fun atmosphere of the events is great! It all just makes me want to be a better runner. I am so thankful to have my husband, Brian, who jogged and walked this event with me. 

Our Thanksgiving meal? Well, let’s just say, I may be getting better with the fitness part, but diet and portion control are a battle I did not win today. 


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